Serverless Stack is an open source guide for building and deploying full-stack apps using Serverless and React on AWS. Create a note taking app from scratch using the Serverless Framework and Create React App. Follow our step-by-step tutorials with screenshots and code samples. And use our GitHub Issues if you have any questions.

Tired of reading blog posts to build your full-stack Serverless app?

Our comprehensive tutorials include

  • Step-by-step instructions with screenshots for setting up your AWS services
  • Build a REST API backend with our Serverless tutorial
  • Easy to understand explanations for creating a single-page application with our React.js tutorial
  • Over 50 tutorials that take you all the way from creating your AWS account to deploying your app on your own domain
  • Complete code samples hosted on GitHub for both the backend and frontend
  • Up to date info thanks to contributions from the community
  • Chat and comments on GitHub to answer your questions
  • And it’s all free!

Here is what folks are saying about us

  • I just completed your tutorial on the Serverless stack, and it was fantastic. It was carefully thought out, well-written, and incredibly thorough. You guys rock!

    ‒ Chris Deery, Architect at QuickBase

  • This is the best and most comprehensive fullstack serverless tutorial available. Take the time to go through every step, you will learn a ton!

    ‒ Marcus Molchany, Engineer at Fullscreen

  • A really comprehensive yet simple tutorial on creating serverless React apps. Covers key concepts in a way that even beginners can easily follow.

    ‒ Zhiyan Feng, Full-Stack Engineer at Shyft

Table of Contents


Set up your AWS account

Setting up the Serverless Backend

Building a Serverless REST API

Deploying the Backend

Setting up a React App

Building a React App

Deploying a React app on AWS

Extra Credit